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Russian-Peruvian artist, Lisa Diakova, is a permanent resident of La-La Land. She enjoys painting, writing, traveling, singing, and baked goods.


Fortunate to grow up in a large, creative household, Lisa never felt a shortage of things to play with since anything could be animated. Her imagination took her to unusual places. As kids, she and her sisters created elaborate scenarios in which their dolls had assignments, jobs, complex sex lives, currency, and individualized talents. In order to stage their intricate world, the girls often spent countless hours drawing and cutting miniscule paper bills, crafting tiny food items out of Play-Doh, and making mini notebooks bound by a single staple. They wrote songs and letters, reenacted plays, held beauty pageants. Lisa fondly remembers her mom even helped sew dresses for a doll fashion show.


From a very early age, she developed a liking for developing characters and creating stories. This fascination ultimately led her to pursue a B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. After graduation, she moved to New York where she was exposed to many interesting endeavors. The experience made her want to live a thousand lives.


As is evidenced in her work, Lisa often merges her interests. She draws inspiration from people, nature, fabric, words, symbols, among a million other things. Her poetry and prose often serve as a foundation for her paintings. She likes to explore the intricacies of character, and ultimately enjoys themes that elevate our experience of humanity. Her creations are a source of peace and love—two of the things she values most in her life.

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